LangX - Illustrated Lecture, AILA 2008, 15th World Congress of Applied Linguistics, Essen, Germany, 26 August 2008

Some Immediate Questions and Answers

The Horns of a Dilemma: A Dialogue

How to Promote an IAL

The Jargon -> Pidgin -> Vernacular Progression

LangX: The World Language Dilemma Resolved

Why the Initial IAL Phonology should be "Western"

Introduction to the Wordlists

Special Wordlist for Tourists etc. (under construction)

International Wordlists (pages under construction)

A Prequel to "Esperanto"?

Nerrière's "Globish" and LangX

International Auxiliary Culture

Previous Suggestions re LangX Phonology/Vocabulary

Global Script Links Page

Two Articles by Prof. Bruce M. Beach

Three Short Articles about LangX by Jens Wilkinson

LangX - A Summary - Language and Global Communication Conference, University of Cardiff, UK, July 2005

Pre-2002 Articles about LangX and Complete Text of "Lango" by Robert Craig and Antony Alexander

Si'Sei - A Revised Orthography for English

Useful IAL Links Page by James Chandler


Members of the LangX IAL committee, inaugurated in 2008:

Jens Wilkinson  Website     Risto Kupsala  Website     Antony Alexander  (author of this website: contact)

LangX is an attempt to construct an international auxiliary language (IAL) on the "jargon -> pidgin -> vernacular" model.